Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow pencil
Eyebrow pencil
eyebrow pen liner
eyebrow pen liner

Eyebrow pencil

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Ultra-precision Eyebrow Pencil

Ideal for beginners and professionals alike.Fast.B ultra-precision eyebrow pencil easy to apply and easy to remove with long-lasting. provides you a natural-looking eyebrow that beautifully frames your face to compliment all makeup looks .made from anti-smudge formula and a very soft texture to achieve the perfect precisely defined eyebrow shape you've always wanted, giving you control and versatility.

  • Benifits:Features excellent colour payoff, waterproof, long-lasting 12h,4shades,And adding lavender essence can prevent acne in the eyebrows
  • How to use: :Choose a shade closest to your hair color. Using small, quick strokes to fill in and shape for a perfectly defined, natural look.

Our Hero Ingredients

Lavender Essence

Purifies the skin & prevent acne on the eyebrow

Polygonum Multiflorum Root

Nourish & prevent conditions related to aging

Available Colors

#01 Smokey grey

Suitale for natural gret and dark hair

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#02 Dark brown

Suitable for dark and brown hair

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#03 Light brown

Suitable for light and brown hair

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Use the spiral eyebrow brush to comb the eyebrow

Outline Eyebrow Shape

Use three dots and one line to outline the ideal eyebrow shape.


Use the eyebrow pencil to fill in the color following the eyebrow shape.


Rotating brush head

Moderate softness and hardness, adjust eyebrow shape.

Waterproof & Sweatproof

Our eyebrow pencil pass the water & sweat test. it can be removed easily with a mekup remover.

Very fine refill

1.5mm fine refill to create a vivid eyebrow with distincs roots.