Cushion Foundation

Cushion Foundation Definition

Korean cushion foundation is a booming trend in skincare that has quickly achieved rising popularity all over the world. These special foundations contain spongy cushions which are saturated with light makeup, such as beauty balm cream, color control cream or a medium-coated liquid base. The compacts also have a special applicator that helps you to control the amount of foundation you're going to blend into your face for buildable coverage.

Many netizens and skin care enthusiasts ask :

What is a cushion foundation ?

Essentially, the cushion foundation is a liquid formula stored in a compact form. which makes them clearly super handy in terms of implementation and transport (AKA touch ups), although they have historically only come in powder or heavy cream formulations.

Liquids usually come in a tube or bottle and are the most common form whenever it comes to foundation.

Today, the finest of all sides come together in such a little circle offering. The fluid base is stored in a sponge-like cushion, and so its name.

Generally, the cushion foundations are light to medium in coverage and are hydrating or lustrous. If required, you can layer it to create coverage. They are better fit for those who require a little more coverage than beauty balm or color control cream. The cushion maintains the formula moist so that you can take the benefit of having a fluid foundation, combined with the ease of a lightweight compact form. The cushion also releases a sufficient dosage of the base to the sponge, making for even coverage. Many of the cushion compacts are multi-taskers with high SPFs and a host of skincare ingredients.

Cushion foundation is a perfect regular makeup for women who need a simple and convenient solution. They make your skin look amazing in a very short period of time. That's why they're so famous.

Usage .

We can simplify this in three terms, moisturize, build, and pat.

The uniqueness of the Cushion foundation Compact is that the fine layer of the foundation is taken up, close to the make-up artist method, and the use of the puff applicator can serve to uniformly 'stamp' this product all over the skin. In short, a failure-proof way to obtain skin that looks normal, non-cakey and flawless.

In order to achieve the makeup non-makeup look for the Cushion Compact to work evenly, the skin must be very moisturised.  And as any true beautician might do, we suggest that you steadily develop coverage which is just what the cushion foundation compact is intended to do. And then, take your time to carefully pat it all down. This is identical to the buffing part of adding the foundation, but the patting action means that the appearance remains natural looking and non-matt.

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